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Fastener Events

•  Global Fastener Industry CEO Summit:
Global Fastener Industry CEO Summit aims to promote global fastener industry communication and development as well as provide a highest platform for global fastener experts to share their successful experience and for manufacturers and traders of all countries to strengthen business relationship. It plans to be held every year during Fastener Expo Shanghai in June.

•  Face to Face Purchashing Meeting:
In order to facilitate international purchasers to find suitable suppliers and help Chinese fastener manufacturers to explore international market without stepping out of China, hold Face to Face Purchasing Meeting aperiodically. will match suitable Chinese suppliers for international purchasers in advance according to their sourcing demand and create a face to face discussion platform for the two parties to learn more and discuss details during the purchasing meeting.

•  Plant Tour:
Plant tour is the best way for foreign purchasers to learn the strength of fastener enterprises in depth, such as the company scale, the production facilities, the R&D capability, quality control ability and so on. holds plant tour every year during Fastener Expo Shanghai in June.

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