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Electromagnetic Paralleling Cartonning Packing Machine for Long Screw Up To 180mm

Category: Machine & Equipment,packing machine
Metarial: Carbon Steel,Stainless Steel
Place of Origin: Foshan
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Focus Machinery Co.,Ltd


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This system is especially for long screw packing. It can realize automatically feeding, conveying, weighing, paralleling and then filling into boxes. When the screws go through the magnetic field, they will parallel into one direction and then fall into the box orderly.

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  1. Product name: full automatic long screw packing machine, to pack long screw orderly into boxes.

  2. Suitable for long screw paralleling and cartonning, and the length of screw can be up to 180mm.

  3. Operation-friendly, easily change between different sizes hardware.

  4. Using multi-head weigher and high accuracy.

  5. With PLC control technology, accurate positioning.

  6. The man-machine interface makes communication faster and diagnostics more powerful.

Technical Parameters:

ModelElectromagnetic Paralleling Cartonning System
Screw LengthScrew Length
Carton WidthCustomized according to requirements
Carton LengthCustomized according to requirements

Box Sample:

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